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Archive for June, 2015

Protect Your Cyber Data With Secure File Transfer Services

Reverse proxy server

The United States is facing a looming crisis regarding its cyber infrastructure and security. Stories of major security breaches of private businesses and government agencies keep flooding the news. Just two weeks ago, the records of more than four million federal employees were hacked in a massive cyber campaign that some people attribute to the Chinese government. Earlier this year, massive amounts of data were stolen from Sony Pictures during the release of the controversial film The Interview. In 2011 alone, an astounding 535 data breaches were reported in the U.S., which resulted in more than 30 million consumer records being compromised or straight-up stolen. Needless to say, cyber security has never been more important and, scarily enough, it seems as though no person or organization a

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Endangered Species Biobank Announced in Melbourne

Translational research

This week, Museum Victoria in Melbourne, Australia announced that it will be opening a biobank on their Carlton Campus. The focus of this bank will be to keep freezer inventory of reproductive tissue for the most endangered species in Australia. Advances in freezer software and technology are responsible for this announcement, which is due to open next year.

Biobanking, the practice of storing biological samples for use in research, has exploded in the last 15 years or so. In the US alone, the number of tissue samples in biobanks was reported to be about 300 million in the year 200, with that figure growing at a rate of about 20 million

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The 3 Biggest Things to Expect From Your Digital Marketing Agency in 2015

Digital marketing

Over the last few years, marketing to an online audience has gradually overcome all other forms of marketing and advertising. As companies continue to allot more money toward digital marketing — and less toward traditional advertising methods like television and radio — it’s clear this trend will continue, especially when e-commerce generates a stunning $1.2 million in just 30 seconds.

Knowing this, what is the new normal in digital marketing? Do successful online marketing strategies focus more on SEO services, or are they centered more around high quality web design? Find out what’s drivi

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Mobile POS Systems Are Taking Over, And Here’s Why

Pharmacy pos system 2014

Mobile POS systems are popping up everywhere these days — whether you buy your coffee by swiping your card on a smartphone, or even buying your prescription medications through a handheld retail pharmacy POS system at your local drug store. But why exactly are these mobile point of sale systems becoming so popular all of a sudden? And are they just a short-lived trend or something that’s likely to last for a while?

The short answers here are: 1) mobile point of sale systems are just so much more convenient, especially for small businesses, than any other type of traditional cash register; and

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What Exactly Is a Pharmacy POS System?

5 ways a pharmacy pos system can make me more mone

POS systems are some of the most essential electronic devices that businesses in all industries need to have. That being said, it’s common for business owners to still be a little confused about POS systems in general. For pharmacy owners, picking out the best pharmacy software can be incredibly intimidating simply because pharmacies have more responsibilities — especially where safety and legal rules are concerned — than regular retail stores tend to have.

If you’re starting up a new independent pharmacy, or if you’re simply trying to update your old pharmacy and learn more about the technology that can help your business succeed, here are a few

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Finding Good Web Hosting

What a challenge it can be to find a quality web hosting provider that has all the features you need without the huge overhead. Our site brings you hosting news as well as, weather and financial information.

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