Digital Cloud Storage Is It Safe?

Imagine you have a treasure chest filled with your favorite things. But you don’t have a lock on it. That’s kind of what cloud security is for. Just like a lock keeps your treasure safe, cloud security keeps your information safe in the cloud. There are different tools to keep your information safe, like firewalls and passwords.

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Bad guys on the internet (hackers) try to sneak in and steal things. That’s why digital cloud service security is super important. The video explains that while big cloud companies offer some security features, it’s not always enough. Companies that run the cloud provide some security features, but you have to help them. It’s like teamwork – everyone needs to protect the locker room. Think of them as extra locks, security cameras, and alarms for your cloud locker room.

You can do simple things to make your data safer too. Scramble your data (that’s encryption) so bad guys can’t read it. Use strong passwords and extra ways to log in, like a fingerprint or special code. Have extra copies of your stuff in case something goes wrong. Know where your data is – like knowing which locker it’s in. And keep an eye on who’s trying to get at your data. The video mentions a few security tools, but there are many out there. There are special tools for cloud security, such as CWPPs and CASBs.

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