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Category: Video surveillance systems

Feeling Safe in Your Home or Office Is Important

Security systems

During the time when friends and families are celebrating the holidays, criminals are making plans of their own. When homes are full of new pieces of technology and expensive gifts gathered together under the tree, criminals know that these are times when home intrusions can be the most profitable. Unfortunately, at the same time when many families are planning to celebrate with their loved ones, burglars are making their plans to interrupt these plans. In fact, many statistics indicate that more burglaries occur during the last week of the year than any other time.
Both residential and commercial security systems, however, can help home and business owners protect themselves and their property. With everything from Read more ...

How Surveillance and VOIP Complement Each Other

Video surveillance systems

Businesses with video surveillance systems already have a leg up over those that do not. Law enforcement and governments have used video surveillance systems to monitor criminal activity and maintain social control. The Department of Homeland Security has awarded billions of dollars to federal, state and local workers to install video surveillance systems. Businesses with video surveillance systems are just following the lead of the government.

There is a perfect complement to video surveillance systems, being secure business telephone systems. These voice over ip phone systems, or VOIP phone systems, have the potential to rework the global telecommunications industry. In fact, anyone who has made a long distance call has likely used VOIP. VOIP users are now finding that the system has a much lower risk of interception than non VOIP users.

In the future, all circuit switching phone systems will be replaced with packet switching phone systems, a perfect complement to video surveillance systems. The two technologies combined will make business premises more secure, and help with data interception. This will mean business can be conducted more efficiently in the cloak of safety, and that the world can be a better place.

Finding Good Web Hosting

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