How an SEO Program Can Help CEOs Focus More on their Work

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Approximately one third of all chief executive officers doing business in the United States today say they hope to spend less time on tasks like social media. This underscores the important roles that SEO programs play in today’s online landscape. Social media represents just a small portion of an overall SEO program, but it represents a true need that CEOs have to focus more on their core daily tasks and waste less time on developing social media programs and understanding SEO.

An Seo program carefully works to enhance the social media presence of a client. It also covers every other online component of whatever a client wishes to achieve online. So basically, it takes this unenviable task that many CEOs of small businesses have and places it firmly in the laps of dedicated professionals. These are people whose jobs revolve entirely around SEO, social media and web integration.

This leaves the average CEO with more time to spend on other daily work related pursuits, like driving sales in traditional ways. With more CEOs reporting the need for more assistance either directly or indirectly, this need only continues to be more vital. In fact, from 2010 to 2011 the number of advertising agencies and other similar companies dropped in percentage points from 51 to 44, underscoring the need for a good SEO program to cover what is missing from in house SEO being eliminated.

Companies like these that outsource SEO quickly learn to spend more of their valuable time doing the jobs that they do best, while leaving the real SEO work to a private label SEO or white label SEO with sufficient experience. And many marketing and advertising minded agencies that resell seo quickly adapt to going back to the way business used to be done while an SEO white label firm handles the SEO stuff.

The great news for these CEOs is that when they join an SEO program they never need to know facts like Google’s PageRank system was named after Larry Page, the company’s own co founder and CEO, or that a Google cookie is added to a computer but only stays there for 30 days after she views that page. They also do not need to know that a web directory is different from a search engine because it simply lists websites in various categories and subcategories and therefore does not follow the rules that SEO follows. They leave this knowledge where it originated, with SEO companies.

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