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Oil well production is a precise process today. It uses such modern and technologically advanced items such as oil well data to determine the areas in which it makes the most sense to drill. In addition, oil production software enables scientists to determine which spots are likely to be the most productive and to make the most sense when it comes to drilling.

In the very beginnings of oil well production and well drilling, the methods used were quite crude. In addition, they were pretty inefficient in terms of using a great deal of resources for very little gain. This method involved using a cable tool and hammering it into the earth in a percussive manner.

With the oil well software that is in use today, oil wells, such as the Kola Borehole with its 12,000 meter depth. This extraordinary depth makes this borehole a record. It was made by using mud motor drilling that is non rotary.

Today, oil well production is optimized by creating the best type of well possible using the latest cutting edge innovations that are designed to optimize production. Most wells are made by drilling hole measuring between five and fifty inches in diameter. This is achieved by using a drilling rig. This drilling rig is designed with a drill string that has a bit attached to it.

However, just because a well has been drilled does not mean it is ready for oil well production. It must also be cased. In addition, it needs to be completed. This is the process that allows the well to produce either gas or oil. Many wells have such a great deal of natural pressure in their subsurface reservoir that the gas or oil flows to the surface. This process helps make the oil production a much easier process.

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