An Interview with Candice Downing, Marketing Manager at Drupal Geeks

Candice Downing, Marketing Manager at Drupal Geeks, an Illinois-based web solutions firm, was gracious enough to sit down with us and talk about the origins of Drupal Geeks, new and exciting developments at the firm, and the special challenges that come with working with the Drupal CMS.

Candice, thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me today and talk about Drupal Geeks. Drupal has been in the news a lot recently, taking on both WordPress and Joomla for the title of best CMS solution; if you ask me, Drupal seems to be winning that competition with more functionality and an excellent open-source platform. How did Drupal Geeks get started, and what services do you focus on providing to your clients?

Drupal Geeks was established as a subsidiary of Ameex Technologies to serve clients who are seeking robust open-source web solutions. We provide Drupal development, maintenance, and support for both end clients as well as other web developers. Our goal is to create long term relationships with clients and partners, while providing dynamic, innovative Drupal sites. Our team consists of over 60 Drupal Geeks, all of whom I’m proud to call co-workers.

It sounds like you’ve formed quite the friendly work environment at Drupal Geeks. That must go a long way in helping your company offer great services to each and every one of your customers. Has unity in the office brought any success to your company that wouldn’t have been possible in a different atmosphere? If so, what sort of success has it helped you achieve?

On November 15th, we proudly launched a new and improved Drupal Geeks website. The goal of the new site is to provide customers with a greater level of detail about our services and also to offer fun and interactive tools to better educate customers about the Drupal CMS. The Drupal Academy section of our site offers a Drupal Dictionary, where customers can learn Drupal terminology, as well as several fun mini-games, tutorial videos, and a blog.

Drupal is well-known for its open-source engine, but its developers are more well known for offering those in the community the chance to have a say about what’s in the works. By following that model, I can’t see Drupal Geeks going anywhere up. With that being said, are there any special challenges you’ve found while working in this industry?

Web development is a highly competitive, growing industry. Tens of thousands of websites worldwide utilize Drupal to drive their business. The demand for Drupal developers has steadily increased over the last decade as Drupal continues to expand its market share within educational, enterprise, government and for-profit websites.

Candice Downing is Marketing Manager at Drupal Geeks, an Illinois-based web solutions firm focused on the Drupal CMS. Interested parties can find Drupal Geeks at, or call 970.270.5850. Locals can visit their offices at 1701 E Woodfield Road, Suite 211 Schaumburg, IL 60173.




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