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Most of us cannot live without a phone. According to Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers’s annual Internet Trends report, we check our phones at least 150 times a day. It is essentially a life line for millions of people around the world, and is sometimes the only connection we have to others. This can be through text messaging, the first of which was sent in 1992, phone calls, or video conferencing. Phones can also serve as the only means of internet usage and email. But for some companies, small business phone systems are more than just devices; they are an integral part of customer relations and interdepartmental communication.

Much like the traditional land lines, office phone systems often require established, wired phones. These commercial phone systems entail extensive data cabling, and also house many different open lines. This makes any kind of wireless, cordless phone difficult to install for any business. These land lines are also much more secure, as wireless, handheld phones are more susceptible to interruptions and interference. Small business phone systems also allow a company to select a standard number within the given area code, and all outgoing calls from the company will appear as the same number. This protects the privacy of an employee’s direct line.

The telephone number a business chooses will then become their own individual stamp. This is much like a 800 number that appeared on the TV mockumentary, The Office. The number is associated with the show, and can actually be called, but a fictitious answering message picks up. Other numbers that use the prefix 555, have been used as fake telephone numbers for several movies, video games, and other media, but there are phone numbers in North America that do begin with this prefix.

With the right telephone system in place, business owners can rely on it to keep them connected to their clients, customers, and employees. Also, all the emergency telephone numbers remain the same, such as 911, if a company is established in North America. If the company is in England, the emergency number would be 999 or 112 instead. Because of the security and reliability that an office phone system offers, the best phone system possible is worth the investment.

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