TV Advertising An Old Friend That Won’t Let You Down

Cable tv advertising

It seems as if every company has hopped on the internet marketing express train, and is unwilling to look back at the good old days of newspapers ads, magazines, flyers, and advertising on TV. Research shows that businesses are reaching out to customers on social media outlets, with about 52% of marketers landing a customer through Facebook.

But some experts say that cable TV advertising should not be ignored. While internet marketing strategies are certainly a major part of promoting a business, the TV is still effective at spreading the word.

Here are few reasons why TV commercial advertising remains a fruitful marketing method.

  • Outreach. Studies show that there is no other medium that reaches a larger audience in one shot. Statistics Brain reports that almost every American household owns a television, and that the average person watches about five hours. This means that millions of Americans are exposed to TV advertisements as they watch their favorite shows. Also, a report from a Microsoft Advertising survey shows that about 75% of people prefer TV advertising compared to only 57% who chose computers, and 51% who preferred their tablet.
  • Less Work, More Exposure. Online marketing typically involves clicking on a link to read about promotions and deals. With a TV, a commercial will simply run on its own without any action on the part of the viewer. This means that whether a viewer walks over to the kitchen to grab a snack or steps out of the room to get something, the advertisement will continue to run, and the viewer will still hear the ad. With a computer, laptop, or mobile device, a user must actively be a looking at the screen in order to read the advertisement. In essence, TV advertisements market even when a viewer is not watching.
  • The Numbers Say So. Even though advertising on TV can be expensive, countless numbers of companies spend thousands of dollars for a 30 or 60 second ad, especially during events that attract high viewership. In fact, a 30 second commercial during the Superbowl this year was $4 million, and $60 million for a full minute, according to Forbes. But this does not deter companies from vying for a coveted spot during the 60 minutes of football action. In addition, Forbes reports that media buyers spend more than 60% of their budget advertising on TV.

TV advertising on its own is certainly not the best way to reach out the most number of consumers. It would be foolish of companies to rely on these ads to garner the profits they need to remain successful. But it would be in their best interest to expand their marketing strategies to include TV advertising, as a multi-pronged media approach could be the most effective of all. Check out this website for more.

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