Five Solid SEO Tips Even a Complete Noob Can Use

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93% of all online experiences still begin when web users use popular search engine services, whether Google, Bing, or Yahoo, to search for something on the worldwide web. In other words, search engines are the number one factor driving the $1.5 trillion eMarketer estimates web surfers will spend online by the end of 2014.

The number one way to tap into the power of search engines is by using the latest and most effective general and local SEO strategies to get your web content to climb the ranks of search engine results pages. Here are just five of the best strategies offered up by SEO services and other pros to help you succeed in the Digital Age.

Five Simple Search Engine Optimization Strategies Even a Newbie Can Use

  1. Nothing is More Important Than Your Content
  2. As Search Engine Journal writes, if you want to get noticed in search engines, you need to make high quality content a priority. More specifically, you need to regularly produce content that makes web surfers think or answers a question; you need it to be useful. This will lead to content being shared, traffic growing, and your SERP rankings improving.

  3. Use Keywords Effectively in Your Titles
  4. Your titles are essential to getting users to click through to your page and read your content. Not only should a title be punchy and attractive, it should also feature one of your target keywords, helping to ensure it pops in popular search engine query results.

  5. Build Your Target Keywords into Site URLs
  6. Just as keywords built into well written titles can help your content pop in search engines, suggests, so can optimizing the URLs for all of your different pages have the same effect. Keep in mind, however, that your URL should actually have something to do with the content it leads to. Google doesn’t take too kindly to keyword spamming and abuse.

  7. You Can’t Take a “Set-It-And-Forget-It” Approach
  8. Any SEO services worth their salt can tell you that you can’t just produce one piece of content or make one social media post and expect that to be enough to earn you recognition on the web. As Search Engine Land writes, if you really want to find success with digital marketing, you need to stick to it, each and everyday. Otherwise, any recognition you do receive will be little more than a flash in the pan.

  9. Don’t Neglect Link Building
  10. Even if Google has changed the rules regarding the way they look at links connecting to your pages, that doesn’t mean link-building isn’t still a crucial part of SEO. The difference, as Huffington Post details, is that you can’t just send a URL to a link farm and expect that to pay off. It will have the opposite effect. Instead, you need to focus on writing great content that people want to link to, and you need to share that content over ever more popular social media platforms. Slow and steady will win this race.

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