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Did you know that search engines are a $16 billion industry? This isn’t too surprising, as the number of inquiries on search engines totals over 100 billion every month. The Internet has created a new urgency for businesses to create an online presence for themselves. Internet users start their experience with a search engine 93% of the time, so it is crucial to not only rank at the top of search engines, but to also keep your spot at the top. What are some digital marketing tips to help companies stay relevant? Creating and maintaining a strong website is a good start. Here are some useful website development tips:

Professional and Appropriate

One of the best website designing tips is to make ensure your company’s website is both professional and appropriate for your line of business. Make sure you use the same font style and color schemes throughout your website. Also, make sure the style matches the tone of your business. If you are a funeral home, you don’t want to use childish fonts and bright colors. If you are a daycare, on the other hand, this might be appropriate. Web site design companies can help you determine the best look for your business.

Easy to Read

If someone is looking over your website but they are having difficulty reading the print, odds are they will quickly move on to a competitors site. The font should be an appropriate size so that consumers can easily read everything you have to say about your company. Also make sure that the color of the font shows up well against your background. Light font on a light background doesn’t work. Go for contrast!

Include Important Information

Last but not least of our company website design tips is to include pertinent information on your website. You need to think about questions a consumer might have beforehand and make sure you put the answer on your website. Some of the most important things to include are contact information and store hours. Often times it is useful to add a “Frequently Asked Questions” page to your company’s website to answer questions you get most often from customers.

Creating a professional, informative and easy–to–read website is one of the best digital marketing tips you will get. So much of our lives revolve around the Internet now, and a company’s website is the access point for consumers to get to know your business. To see more, read this:

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