How to Choose the Best Cloud Hosting Provider in Three Easy Steps

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As more and more businesses of all sizes become more and more integrated with technology, it goes without saying that switching one’s data and software over to the cloud — a remote server space rented out for a fee from a cloud service provider.

However, there are so many different cloud solution providers and options for cloud computing available — and as a result, choosing the best cloud hosting solution for your business or organization can seem like a challenge. To make your choice a little easier, here’s a quick three-step guide for determining what the best cloud server hosting services for your needs are:

Consider whether you want a public or private cloud service provider

There are two main categories of cloud computing: public and private. Public is the less-expensive option, and stores your data on a shared server which stores other business’ information as well. As a result, public cloud computing is somewhat less secure, but these servers are still highly-encrypted and protected from data breach. Private servers give your business its own dedicated server, which offers even higher levels of security — but at a price.

Choose a cloud computing solution based on your needs

These days, the cloud is about more than just data storage — cloud computing can also include solutions for internal accounting, telecommunications, IT networking and and endless array of other things. Determine which of these services your business needs the most, and being able to choose the best cloud hosting service will become incredibly easier.

Consider each service provider’s level of customer service

You should never, ever, ever opt to get your cloud computing solutions from a service provider that doesn’t offer 24/7 technical support — like, ever. The best cloud service provider should offer customer service on holidays and weekends, as well. It’s one of the few non-negotiable factors you have when deciding which cloud service you want to go with.

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