5 Dos and Don’ts for Working With Printing Services

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There are so many printing services available that it’s now extremely easy for any type of business — small businesses or even solopreneurs included — to get high-quality professional printing at a reasonable price. But how should you go about choosing among all those printing services, and how does working with professional printing services work? Here are some dos and don’ts to guide you:

  • DO: Choose a Full-Service Printing Company

    Online companies or corner shops might be able to print you off some business cards or copy some handouts, but they’ll be extremely limited in their higher-level services — and the quality will often be lower, as well. If you’re creating anything that customers will see, it’s worth finding a commercial printing company that will offer you top quality.

  • DON’T: Try to DIY Your Design or Copy

    If you’re going to be paying for high-quality printing services, there’s no sense in skimping when it comes to the design or copywriting of whatever you’re having printed. Some printing services will even offer these in-house. If your chosen printing company doesn’t, it’s worth contracting some outside graphic design professionals.

  • DO: Ask About Digital and Offset Printing

    There are two major types of commercial printing available today, so it’s good to ask prospective companies if they offer digital printing, offset printing or both. Keep in mind that one isn’t necessarily better than the other, they’re just used in different applications, so it could benefit you in the future to build a relationship with a printing company that offers both.

  • DON’T: Forget About Turnaround Times

    Turnaround times vary widely in the printing world, from hours to weeks or even months. Turnaround time also depends on whether you’re using digital or offset printing (the latter requires more setup). Rush printing may or may not be available — of course, printing services will probably charge more for it, so be prepared for a moderate price increase.

  • DO: Prioritize Customer Service Concerns

    Especially if you’re looking for not just one-time printing services, but a true B2B relationship, then it’s very important that you look for a company that offers excellent customer care. You deserve it, so don’t make excuses for poor service.

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