What Can Inbound Marketing Do For You?

Inbound marketing roi

If you don’t think an inbound marketing agency can help your business, think again. Here’s what you should know about inbound marketing services.

Reach the Audience You Want to Reach. – Here’s the thing. The vast majority of people can be reached through inbound marketing. According to a report from the Content Marketing Institute, eight out of 10 people consider themselves blog readers, which means that an inbound marketing agency’s tactics and strategies can reach about 80% of all people.

Inbound Marketing Effectively Generates Leads. – You may not believe that if you let them, customers will come to you, but it’s true. That’s what inbound marketing is all about. The key is just to be seen, which is what inbound tactics do. They get your brand in front of the consumers who are looking for you. Consider this. According to Social Media B2B, B2B companies that blog generate a whopping 67% more leads each month than those that don’t. After all, these blogs post relevant articles and information that people want to read, which engage with the audience, and make connections with them. The closer consumers feel with a brand, the more likely they are to do business with them.

Inbound Marketing Is Incredibly Cost Effective. – Inbound marketing is more affordable than outbound marketing, believe it or not. The Search Engine Journal reports that inbound leads cost a whopping 60% less than outbound leads. In other words, a lead generated through a blog or social media costs three-fifths of what a lead generated through a billboard or TV ad would cost. In other words, you can generate more leads for the same amount of money if you simply switched strategies.

Don’t underestimate the value of the inbound marketing ROI
. If you have any questions about what inbound marketing companies can do for you, feel free to share in the comments.

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