SEO Marketing is a Long-Term Investment

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Search engine optimization marketing, more commonly referred to as simply SEO, is a form of advertising. Where SEO marketing excels is in its subtlety. The ubiquitous side-bar advertisements found on nearly every site you visit can be annoying, yet easy to tune out because of over-exposure. People like to find the right information seemingly on their own, and this is when SEO marketing techniques step in by doing the following.

SEO services get your business on the first page.

Did you know that the majority of internet users never click onto the second page of search results? That is a fairly daunting thought when you consider that the average search is returned in less than one second with at least a few thousand hits. Search engine optimization companies work to get a business on the first page of returned hits, greatly increasing the online visibility of a business.

With the advancements made in cell phone technology, it is easier than ever to browse the web (especially with the increased screen size). Even so, time is of the essence, and few mobile phone users will scroll through pages of search results. Some may not even look below the third website link. It is a sad fact for businesses, but we are all guilty of it.

Do you want them to buy?

It seems just about anything and everything can be bought online today. It may be the ease of having it delivered to your front door. The convenience of shopping in private, while able to deliberate over choices from different companies, is also a plus. In just one survey it was confirmed that approximately 89% of internet users start their buying process with a search engine. If they search for “strong phone case blue”, and your company sells blue phone cases, would you not want them to be directed to your site?

SEO marketing differs from online advertisements. Where a picture advertisement would perhaps show pictures of phone cases, an SEO article would describe why it is important to have a covering for a mobile phone by listing the damage that can be caused from various sources. It works because the reader does not feel they are being advertised to, so they are not ignoring the message.

How do you chose a company?

SEO marketing companies can be local to your business, or on the other side of the country. The nature of the business is internet-based. For small companies, the potential for growth and increased visibility are important topics to discuss when interviewing possible SEO companies. The right one for your business will also ask questions of you to understand what is required to give you the best service.

Typically, people log onto to their computers to check their email or to pull up a search engine. They may be looking for information or they may be planning to make a purchase. Great SEO marketing can direct them to your company’s website.

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