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Most small business owners know that having a website is no longer enough — especially if that website isn’t optimized. In order to see success and a high rate of conversions with your site, you need to incorporate a paid search campaign using Google Adwords. But in order for your paid ads PPC campaign to be successful, your website and its landing page should be fully optimized for paid ads (Adwords) and should be focused on the needs of customers, potential customers and what they want to get out of your company.
That being said, in order to make your customers happy you need to make Google happy — and vice versa. Google wants to see your customers having a positive user experience when clicking on your ads and navigating your website. And the bets way to make Google and your customers happy is by optimizing your website’s landing page. In result, you will get more conversions, higher quality scores, and higher rankings on search engine pages. At the end of the day, this means a larger customer base and more money for your business, and what more could you want?
So how do you make sure you page is as optimized as possible for Adwords? Here are some tips recommended by PPC consultants:

Provide regular, fresh content for your audience
Content creation is extremely important for any website. Firstly, content establishes you as an authority in your industry and provides visitors to your site with incentive to stay, return for updates, and to seek your knowledge and services as a customer. And while you’re supposed to essentially sell yourself through your content, aim to inform and tell a story rather than spit out another iteration of ad copy. Show, don’t tell!

Remember that user experience is key
Even the strongest team of PPC consultants won’t be able to help you if your site is a mess. That being said, remember a few essential points. Firstly, transparency is essential. What is your business about? What are your services? What is the name of your business and where and how can customers contact you? Secondly, make sure that your landing pages are well-organized and clear. You have only 10 seconds to keep someone on your page, so make every second count!

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