4 Ways to Effectively Promote and Advertise Your Company

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The marketing industry has not died, it’s just changed over the years. There was and is a need to advance along with the progressing world of technology. While magazine and newspapers might be obsolete, marketing itself is not. If you were to talk with an advertising agency, they would tell you that it’s all about the Internet now. Utilizing social media to grow your business has become the new way of doing things. Advertising firms have gone from being printing places to computer experts that can show you how to market your business in an online forum. However, according to an advertising agency, paper is not out entirely. If you only market online, then you will miss out on an entire audience of people that do not rely on the Internet for their information. The key is having a good balance between the two forms of marketing.

If you choose to hire an advertising agency or marketing agency to learn how to creatively promote your business, this might be some of the things that they will tell you to do:

Paper it Up
While not many people will take notice of fliers that are put on windshields, the reason for that is because there is usually too much information crammed into one space. The best way to get attention with a flyer is to make it a sort of coupon: “Bring this coupon in to the store for a 20% discount.” Something that will make them keep the flyer but also attract attention. The only things that need to be on your flyer are the discount, what your business is and contact information. Anything more than that will overwhelm the person looking at it and chances are they will just throw it away.

The type of paper you use is important also. Something wallet sized is always good; too small and it will get lost, too big and it won’t fit in the bag. Flimsy paper will get ripped and crumpled and ultimately thrown away but laminated card stock will stay in tact even if it’s just thrown into a bag or briefcase.

Up Your Social Media
Social media consists of more than just Facebook. You’ve got Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and many more sites where you can promote your business. You should have an account or profile with each of these and link them all together. They should ultimately lead to your website where the potential customers can take a look at more details. Social media’s main purpose is to attract traffic and attention to your website. You can, however, put more information up on your social media outlets than you would a flyer because people are more willing to look around a profile than they are a piece of paper. An ad agency can help determine what is a good amount of information.

Modernize Your Website
You’ve got to keep up with your website. Music is no longer current so don’t let there be any annoying background sounds accompanying your website. If the user can’t figure out how to turn it off, they will probably leave the website. Make sure your website is updated so there are new things to see every time the user returns. Navigation is important also. Ensuring that your site is easy to look around is important. A quick way to do that is to create a navigation bar that is always on top of the page. This way, the back button doesn’t have to be used.

Search Engine Optimization
You may want to outsource SEO but this a great marketing technique. Making sure that you are at the top of the results page in each search engine will ensure more traffic and potential business to your website. This is a very involved technique however and you will want an expert to take care of it for you. Many SEO firms will actually take care of your website also, which is an added bonus.

Using an advertising agency is a good idea if you are unfamiliar without marketing works. They will be able to point you in the right direction and show you several tried and true methods. They know what they’re talking about.

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