3 Audiences All SEO Companies Should Be Aware of

Benefits of internet marketing

The world of advertising and marketing is constantly changing, perhaps more so than ever today. More and more businesses are discovering the benefits of internet marketing companies and what they can do to help their businesses grow and develop. One of the main components of internet marketing is, of course, search engine optimization.

SEO companies specialize in helping other companies in virtually any industry rank highly on search engines like Google. They also help them increase the digital presence overall, but the way most people measure success is through search engine rankings as well as actual traffic flow. One of the main aspects of SEO companies is to engage in content marketing that helps to improve keyword rank and presence.

While there are many different specific SEO techniques SEo companies can use, here are the three main audiences they should be focusing on when writing content.

    1. Google: Some say that 75% of SEO is off-page and 25% is on-page. This means that a lot of what SEO companies do is geared specifically towards Google, or other search engines. Google’s algorithm has become so smart that it can actually detect spam and “black hat” tricks that some companies try to use to manipulate rankings. As Google keeps getting smarter and smarter it’s important for SEO companies to always remember that one of the audiences they’re creating content for is Google. this means using the right keywords in the right place, meta tags, descriptions, title tags, URL slugs, and various other aspects that Google looks at when judging a page.
    1. Business Owners: Although Google may provide the most practical audience, they’re certainly not the only one. Even a great SEO company that’s creating content that Google likes and rewards with good ranks might not be what individual business owners are looking for. It can be difficult to explain to people that have no clue what SEO is as to what it is you’re actually trying to accomplish. A lot of time they want to see only specifically relevant information, or certain things that Google might not warrant as very important. At the end of the day though, these are the people that pay the salary of SEO companies and must be taken into account.
    1. Clients and Customers: Similar to the business owner are the people who you’re actually trying to attract and draw in: the customers. You could be rank one page one on Google, but if the people that find your site don’t like what you have to offer them, they’re probably not going to stick around for long or ultimately make a purchase.

SEO is a complicated and convoluted process that even the best experts aren’t completely sure how it all works. That’s why you need to always consider these three audiences when creating content to ensure your campaign has the most success.

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