Video Conferencing Allows Many Meetings to Happen Without Leaving the Office

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A June 2016 issue of The New York Times Magazine claims that Netflix Destroyed the Way We Watch TV. The article goes on to discuss how the combination of on demand shows, binge watching, and mobile device watching have forever changed the landscape of television as we know it. And while Netflix and other viewing options have ruined Americans for normal television viewing, so too has video conferencing ruined travel for traditional meetings. It is often difficult to justify the time and expense that it takes to travel for a business meeting when video conferencing is a faster, easier, and less expensive way to meet.
When was the last time that you enjoyed traveling all day to attend a four hour meeting? No matter how great the meeting location is, very few business people enjoy traveling for meetings that they otherwise could attend via video conferencing equipment. with the use of network cabling standards, meetings can take place in the comfort of everyone’s home office, or home for that matter. Recent research indicates that as many as 70% of people would rather video conference than travel to a meeting. Video conferencing for small businesses is especially important for companies that are trying to show profits and maintain a strict hold on unnecessary spending.
Every single person’s work time is valuable. And while business trips to fun locations may be exciting at first, they soon become more of a burden than a benefit. Being out of the office almost always means that a job becomes twice as complicated. Because none of the work at the home office goes away, workers who travel for meetings spend time with those business meeting personnel, but must also continue to work on the regular day to day tasks.
Business Leaders See the Benefits of Video Conferencing
Network cabling standards that allow business telephone systems to provide video conferencing provide many benefits.
Not surprisingly, 56% of global Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) indicate they agree that investing in video conferencing helps reduce travel. In fact, technical support systems are integral parts of many businesses across the nation. In addition to video conferencing being appreciated by managers and employees, potential employers also see the benefits. In fact, 66% of potential job candidates indicate that they prefer to use video during the interview process. Both human resources teams and potential employees agree that video offers an easy way to meet face-to-face without having to travel.
Although as much as 93% of communication are non-verbal, the remaining communication involves meetings in person and by telephone or video. The decision to pursue the expanded use of video conferencing options like voice and data network services may mean that your travel and operational costs will decrease significantly. The installation of network cabling standards set the basis for many kinds of video and voice conference calls.

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