Month: August 2016

How to Pick Your Next Construction Company Wisely

What Professional Custom Design and Branding Can Do For Your Online Presence

Obviously online marketing is essential to business success, but what exactly does a successful online presence look like? The best website design isn’t just about pretty colors and an aesthetic appearance. To be successful in the digital landscape, you need to customize your website to create a uniform brand image while maximizing usability and utilizing …

New Sectors of the Economy are Recruiting Skilled Workers

You hear it everywhere: the economy is changing. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as new fields like robotics, green energy, telecommunications and the Internet of Things are recruiting skilled workers. Engineering design, biometrics and supply chain jobs are available for qualified candidates. Many recruiting firms are advising job seekers to be open to the …

When Do You Actually Need to Use a Surge Protector?

Power surges are bursts of electrical current that can flow right from the wiring of your house up through your appliances, gadgets, and other household items that happen to be plugged into an outlet at the time. Surges can cause irreparable damage to your electronic devices — which is why using a surge protector isn’t …

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