What Professional Custom Design and Branding Can Do For Your Online Presence

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Obviously online marketing is essential to business success, but what exactly does a successful online presence look like? The best website design isn’t just about pretty colors and an aesthetic appearance. To be successful in the digital landscape, you need to customize your website to create a uniform brand image while maximizing usability and utilizing search engine optimization strategies to draw customers in. Here is how professional custom design and branding can improve your business:

  1. Establish your brand identity

    Your website is a direct representation of your brand. Every aspect of your website will contribute to your consumers’ views of your company. Sloppy layouts or inconsistent fonts and images can get in the way of your attempts to create a uniform identity. Creating a cohesive brand that stays with customers starts with an appealing website but extends into all aspects of your digital and print marketing.

    Branding is about consistency. Your customers should be able to quickly identify you by your brand image. To do this, you need to create a consistent appearance across all media and print channels. You’ll want to use a consistent color palette and simple but recognizable fonts and logos. Professional custom design and branding agencies can link you with graphic designers to help create custom icons, buttons, and logos for your site. They can also design different versions of your logo since you won’t be able to use the same size image in all places.

    Professional custom design and branding agencies work with small businesses to help you define your identity and find the best way to translate that into a brand image that is both attractive and memorable to consumers.
  2. Build a user-friendly interface

    A website that takes more than three seconds to load will lose 40% of its traffic. Bounce rate spike to 100% for sites that take even four seconds to load. A webpage that takes eight or more seconds to load will experience a 150% bounce rate. Being user-friendly is the number one criterion for professional custom design and branding services when they build websites.

    It doesn’t matter how unique or innovative your site is if viewers don’t stick around to see it; nor does it matter how brilliant your content is if it isn’t readable. Consumers need to be able to locate what they’re after quickly and read it easily to derive benefit from your site. Professional custom design and branding agencies know how to design a site that is both easy to navigate and to read.
  3. Search engine optimization

    Marketing online demands more than simply building a nice website; you have to have a means of drawing in your consumers. Over 90% of all online experiences will begin with a search engine. There are over 100 billion searches conducted each and every month. A full 75 billion of those searches will never be taken past the first page of search results.

    The online ad network Chitika conducted a study of Google searches and found that 33% of all traffic went to the top listing on the first results page. The second listing received barely over 50% of that amount of clicks at 18% of the traffic with the number of clicks only continuing to degrade as you moved down the rankings.

    Ensuring your web content is search engine optimized is essential to generating traffic. Professional custom design and branding services know how to make quality, user-friendly content that is customized to your company and search engine optimized to get your website to the top of the search engine rankings.

In conclusion

A full 46% of consumers rate a website’s design as the top criterion they use when determining a company’s credibility. Your website is the core of your online presence. It’s often the first interaction your customers will have with your business and a direct representation of your brand. This is why professional custom design and branding agencies concentrate their efforts on building a website that represents your company while being user-friendly and search engine optimized. A strong website design and cohesive brand image will continue to draw new customers and keep old ones coming back for more.

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