Alternative Ways of Finding Executive Level New Hires

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The economy is increasing and less people are faced with unemployment. Although this is a positive thing, it can be difficult for businesses to fill executive level positions. As the economy grows and improves, businesses do as well. There are less people looking for employment, and it is more difficult to pull a highly qualified executive level candidate from their current position. In times of low unemployment rates, hiring professionals may have to find alternative sources of candidates.

Local universities

College students who are graduating soon are always on the lookout for job possibilities. Many are worried about their job possibilities, with little experience. However, a college graduate who is given a chance out of school is likely to feel thankful for the position, and put extra work into learning the tasks of the job. Many colleges and universities are also willing to work directly with employees, providing the employer with new graduates each semester.

Job fairs

Job fairs tend to be frequented by potential employees who are serious about a change of employment. It requires more planning and effort to attend a job fair, often much simpler than adding a resume to the internet. The candidates that an employer comes across at a job fair tend to be motivated and ready to begin work immediately. With 57% of organizations viewing employee retention as a problem, finding lasting and serious executive level employees is an important goal for many businesses.

Open houses

Open houses invite interested employees to the business. The open house allows them to view the work environment and to learn more about the business. It also allows the human resources team to observe the potential candidates in the exact environment that they will be working in. Some executive placement agency professionals believe that exposing an employee to their work environment prior to hiring is a great way to decrease retention rates and increase satisfaction rates.

In fact, new hires that undergo a structured on boarding program are 58% more likely to be with the company after three years. The simple fact is that, the more the employee knows about their place of employment and their job expectations, the more likely they are to be satisfied with their position. An executive placement agency can help with the onboarding process and the open house process.

Confidential hiring

According to a survey by Jobvite, as many at 53% of employed workers are open to new job prospects even if they are not looking actively. Although these workers are open to leaving their current positions for the right job, they tend to be worried about harming their current position. When working with recruiting of other executive level employees, anonymity is important. Outplacement companies tend to be a good start in opening the trusting communication that is required.

Build a strong human resources department
A company tends to only be as successful as their hiring department. If the hiring department is not qualified in obtaining the best candidates, the company will suffer as a result. However, a business that puts a lot of hiring focus on a strong human resources consultant or human resources team will find that they are better able to hire successful employees. The business is also likely to see less employee retention and overall greater job satisfaction.

Outsourcing an executive placement agency

Executive placement agency companies provide many benefits to an employer that is looking to fill executive level positions. The outplacement company has connections with many similar larger businesses and often is more attune to executive employees who are looking for a change. HR executive search consultants and your outplacement company of choice has the ability to cold call higher level employees, without being threatening, to find out their job goals. This can be a great way to obtain highly experienced executive candidates.

The country strives for lower unemployment rates. Although businesses tend to succeed when more people are employed, it can be more difficult to find quality employees. During higher economic times, businesses need to turn to hiring solutions that are out of the box. They may even find benefit in using an executive placement agency.

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