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Do you like the idea of storing data in the cloud, but question the effectiveness of cloud data protection? It is conservatively estimated that about one exabyte of information is currently stored on cloud services. When looking into database security solutions, it is helpful to remember that there are many different measures that can be taken to enhance security. Avoiding a convenient and widely used data storage solution is not a guarantee that your information is and will always remain safe. Implementing multiple lines of defense against security breaches is a better bet.

Sensitive Information Should Not Be Stored In the Cloud.

After creating a database data security is the next concern. Businesses want to know that their information is only accessible to within their company. There is definitely a fear that information that can be accessed at anytime and potentially from multiple platforms can never really be secure. And that is a completely valid fear. So information that is of a sensitive nature should not be stored in the cloud. Even the most secure system can experience a breach, as recent events have shown. While the cloud can be a pretty great thing, it is not without its shortcomings.

When In Doubt, Encrypt. Here’s How.

Encrypting data is a great way to add another level of security. It means to convert the information in a document to code. To un-encrypt the information, the user needs a key. It is a form of database security solutions that is actually not as complicated as it seems. To get started, there are apps that will encrypt data for you. There are also many businesses that offer encryption services to businesses looking to fix some of their database security issues. Of course, not all files may need to be encrypted. It may be simpler to encrypt just those files holding sensitive information yourself. Microsoft Office is known for having this option when creating files. It is perfectly safe to have cloud services with some open files and a few encrypted.

Database Security Solutions Require Diligence.

Surprisingly, less than 40% of organizations are diligent enough to conduct a network-wide scan to find vulnerabilities each quarter. There are multiple database security options, ranging from simply using harder to hack passwords, to encrypting data, to not even putting sensitive information on the cloud. All of these database security solutions work, but they work even better together.

Remember, it is relatively easy to implement a new security measure. But it is much more difficult to make sure each person is following those measures months or years later. Regular checks for vulnerabilities are just as important as which method you choose.

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