Proper Storage of Water During Fracing

Fire protection water storage tanks

Much of the countries plumbing systems were created many years ago. When they were designed and built, the building techniques that were used were the most advanced at the time. However, today building techniques and requirements have advanced, along with equipment and materials used. Over the next couple of decades, many of these water structures will need to be replaced. In order to fully replace much of the countries water structures, specialized tools and storage containers will need to be used. These storage containers, or frac tanks for rent, will have to be secure and meet strict governmental regulations.

Large sized tanks
The tanks required for frac storage will need to be very large. They are big metal water tanks that are used for storing thousands and thousands of gallons of water. Some cities and water supply areas will require multiple large sized tanks to hold all of the city?s water while it is being replaced. The above ground water storage tank design also needs to be convenient, not taking up too much of the cities needed space. Sometimes, custom made tanks are used to meet all of the sizing needs.

Secure storage tanks
Although most of the frac tanks for rent will be are restricted storage areas, they still require additional security. Frac tanks for rent usually are bolted storage tanks. The bolts require specialized equipment to open. This ensures that the storage tanks cannot be handled by unauthorized parities or that they are not contaminated by improper rental practices. The tanks also need to be extremely secure as the thousands of pounds of water create a pressure unlike anything else. When the frac tanks are opened, it can be difficult to control the exiting water supply.

Safe storage tanks
Safety encompasses two different aspects when it comes to frac tanks for rent. Firstly, they need to be safe from fire. The water supply is surrounded by many electrical construction equipment and is prone to fire hazards. Some may wonder what the concern of fire into water could cause, but that leads us to our next safety concern.

Much of the city?s water makes its way into consumption of residents. Cities are required to provide healthy and consumable water to its residents. A safe storage container is required to prevent cross contamination of any substances into the water storage. The tank also needs to be clean of any substances or contaminants, prior to ever putting the water into storage. Also, improper heat control or a fire can overheat the water supply, causing it to grow contaminants. A fire water storage tank is generally advisable for water supplies that are at risk of a fire hazard.

Regular testing of stored water
Because water is generally not stored into large frac tanks for rent, is it important to complete regular testing on the water quality. It can be extremely dangerous to improperly store and then release the water back into the ecosystem. It can be dangerous for both consumers and the workers of the fracking. It is too common that substances are mixed, causing all types of problems. Ensure that testing is completed prior to storage, during storage at multiple times, and then again, before releasing or moving the water back.

Water storage is necessary during both fracing and the replacement of plumbing equipment. The water is moved into very large sized frac tanks for rent. They are kept here until the job is completed and is then released back into the public water source. Frac tanks for rent need to be carefully designed and regularly checked for safety, health concerns, and security. Every effort needs to be made when it comes to reducing the amount of contaminates that make it into the containers. It is also very important to prepare for the possibility of fire hazards, as many fracing containers are not fireproof and can pose serious dangers.

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