Essential New Era Pump Systems Syringe and Peristaltic Pumps Models

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When it comes to an ideal infusion pump system, the New Era Pump Systems offer a variety of functional and effective solution for different applications. There are specialized models that have features like computer interface, infusion and withdrawal, and high-end programming options. While dispensing pumps serve different purposes such as delivering fluids, medication, and nutrients; There are specific models that are applied in an analytical procedure to infuse calibrant into the reaction chamber or delivering drugs to animals.

Here are three different syringe pump models for various applications.

NE-9000 Peristaltic Dispensing Pump
This is one of the functional New Era Pump System used to precisely fill containers with fluid, thanks to its Learn and Repeat feature. The NE-9000 series is designed to be applied in both small scale and large scale production and can be operated both manually or through PC connection. This is enabled through an RS-232 connectivity port. Peristaltic Dispensing Pump features easy-to-use keypad interface, foot switch control, anti-drip mode, calibration mode, non-volatile memory among other essential pumping add-ons. In addition, the NE-9000 series has a power failure mode that immediately resumes the pumping program in the event of power interruption. One major boost to this pump system is that it comprises the advanced functions of the NE-1000 family.

NE-1000 Syringe Pumps
For constant dispensing need, the New Era Pump System NE-1000 series features a dual cable connection that links two pumps to create a dual pump system. This model is built for automation, which means it can be controlled through a computer. Additionally, the network capacity to control NE-1000 Series allow the system to monitor up to 100 pumps. The NE-1000 single syringe is also made of advanced firmware software for precise dispensing and alteration of basic pumping protocols. Moreover, the system can hold one syringe from microliter sizes up to 60 milliliters. It has a pumping rate as low as 0.73 microliters per hour or as high as 35.33ml/min.

NE-1002X Programmable Microfluidics Syringe Pump
This is one of the smoothest New Era Syringe Pump, and it features a neat operation interface that comes in two channel version. This microfluid syringe pump has a dispensing accuracy and reproducibility of +/- 0.5% and +/-0.2 respectively. Besides, the system can hold 1 syringe up to 60 ml, and it has infusion rates from 0.008 microliters per hour to 2545 microliters per minute.

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