How A Surge Protector Can Save You Thousands Of Dollars In Case Of A Power Outage Or Storm

Cat5e cables

Are you interested in become a do-it-yourself home technology guru? It’s time to start doing your homework. While figuring out the difference between a bulk zipcord fiber optic cable and a 500 ft Ethernet cable doesn’t sound like most people’s idea of a fun time, knowing your basics will go a mighty long way in making your home entertainment system or work station the best it can possibly be. You can stream higher quality shows, watch more brilliant films and multitask like a pro no matter where you are, with the added benefit of even saving money in the long run. Sound like a lot to take in? The top five list below is a resource you should check out so you can get started on the right foot next time you’re shopping for wires or phone accessories for your station-to-be.

Get Accessories For Your Phone

Should you feel like multitasking, accessories for your phone are a must-have to keep your station as flexible as possible. The most popular by a landslide, even now, are the iPhone models — Apple has released nine generations so far and are the second biggest smartphone manufacturer around the world. There are multiple data cables to choose from, such as the USB 2.0 cable and the USB 3.0 data cable, and the one best for your phone depends on the model and how much data you have stored. Remember to throw away old and frayed phone chargers! These are major fire hazards and contribute to hundreds of fires, as well as electrocutions, every year in the United States.

Choose The Right Ethernet Speed

Not everyone needs the same speed. Some engage with media once in a while, preferring to watch basic television and checking the Internet for e-mail. Others stream live shows and play online videogames. Wherever you land on the scale, Ethernet speed will be there to back you up. Alongside your bulk zipcord fiber optic cable you should look up CAT cables for your Ethernet speed. The CAT5 is a common one, while the CAT5e is often chosen by those who expect a lot of data and a lot of speed in their day-to-day life. HDMI cables also have different types to choose from, including the Standard, Standard with Ethernet and High Speed with Ethernet.

Protect Your Hardware And Software

Entertainment systems and work stations are expensive. You have thousands of dollars worth of equipment all bundled together, making even a minor spill or power outage one that can put you out of pocket in a heartbeat. A surge protector is a must-have for anyone who regularly engages with technology, a back-up plan in case a power outage or storm disconnects you and puts your hardware at risk. When insurance claims can see $10,000 from a single voltage accident, the mere $250 price tag for a whole house surge protector isn’t very much at all. A surge usually measures less than 500V and lasts only two seconds, but the damage can be felt for weeks and even months afterward.

Choose The Best Options For Your Entertainment System

No one entertainment system or work station is the same. The best thing about all the different equipment to choose from, such as a bulk zipcord fiber optic cable or USB 3.0 superspeed extension, is they can all be pieced together with the goal of customizing your unique interests and lifestyle. Remember a surge protector is a great way to protect your hard-earned equipment and any and all damaged phone chargers should be replaced immediately to avoid a fire or electrocution. For good video quality you should seek out the HDMI 1.4, while faster Ethernet makes for a better streaming experience. A little homework goes a long way. Are you ready to get your bulk zipcord fiber optic cable and surge protectors to set up for the weekend?

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