Advantages of a Wired Connection Over Wifi

Cat6 ethernet cable

You want your home to have fast connectivity. Many homeowners think that wifi is the best way to keep their home connected. However, there are pains of dealing with a wifi connection you will want to know about. A homeowner wants their electronic devices to connect easily and operate fast. You might benefit more from ditching the wifi and choosing a wired connection. You can connect your home in a wired fashion through the use of Ethernet cables. Ethernet cables are those made of four twisted wire pairs which prevent current in the wiring. In this post, you will learn three important advantages of a wired connection versus wifi.

Possibility of Buying Extra Equipment

Using Ethernet cables in the home doesn’t mean buying much in the way of additional supplies. Homeowners who are choosing to implement wifi will need to spend extra on routers and other items. In many cases, using CAT5 cables means having a very inexpensive internet connected home. Ethernet cables are far cheaper than purchasing a router for every room of your home. Your main concern will be keeping your computer equipment protected so that you can continue to enjoy the speed of wired internet. Surge protectors for computer equipment work well to protect these valuable items from power surges.

Slower Speeds Over Wireless Connection

The main advantage of using Ethernet cables over a wifi is increased connection speeds. People who are downloading and uploading frequently often push a wireless connection to the max. In turn, you notice slower speeds because a wireless connection is capable of going so fast. Using CAT5 cables will provide you with a wired connection and faster speeds. Having fast download and upload speeds are important for people that do a lot of online gaming. Certain homes may want to make use of CAT5E cables, as they are faster than CAT5 cables.

Not Having to Deal with Obstructions

A pain of wifi connection setup is if any items block wireless access. You don’t want to spend hours trying to find what is blocking your wireless connection. If you use home internet for work purposes, you don’t want to lose money because of a bad connection. If you’re on a tight budget but need wired connectivity, consider purchasing CAT5 cables. The most common Ethernet cable is one capable of 10 Mbps which is perfect for homes with a few computers. However, homes needing more connectivity power should benefit more from the 100Mbps cables.

In closing, there are several reasons to choose a wired home over using wifi. There is nothing wrong with having wireless internet. However, certain homeowners may prefer the benefits that come with having a wired connection. You won’t need much in the way of equipment if you are using a wired internet connection. The main cost will be purchasing Ethernet cables. You’ll find different types of Ethernet cables including the CAT5E and CAT5 cables. You can easily find these cables online which means having them delivered to your home. Ethernet cables often provide a much faster connection when compared to wifi. You won’t need to worry about obstructions when connecting Ethernet cables into your home like you would with wifi.

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