Why Web Design Matters for All Businesses

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It’s a cliche that we live in the Information Age. It’s also a cliche which happens to be true. People have come to rely on the internet for information on just about everything, from the weather to local businesses. This is why all businesses, whether they exist online or on Main Street, need an effective web presence. You don’t have to hire a team of whizz kids, though. A digital marketing agency can help to connect you to your customers in the online world.

What is an effective web presence?
With the spread of wireless technology and mobile devices, people have come to rely on the internet for their information. Whether it’s maps and driving directions or information about the nearest auto shop for an oil change, they will first look it up on the internet. What this means for companies of all sizes, whether they’re startups or enterprise level businesses, is that if your existing or potential clients can’t find information about you online, chances are that they will also pass you by in the real world.
This means that even brick and mortar stores need an effective web presence, with a well designed, mobile-friendly website and the use of social media. Most businesses don’t have the capacity to develop these in-house, nor is it necessary. A specialized digital marketing agency, with online marketing and digital expertise, can help you connect with your customers.

Web design and development for businesses
Designing a website that reflects your brand and provides customers with all the information they need is a complex affair. It must balance accurate and interesting content with attention-grabbing formats, supported by technical expertise. Most businesses don’t have the expertise on hand to develop these for themselves. It makes sense to outsource your web design and digital marketing needs to a specialist company.
Content, format and technical web design ideas are all based on a knowledge of consumer behavior online. As many as four out of five consumers use mobile devices, and especially their smartphones, for shopping. Not only that, they want their information quickly, and in an easily accessed format. A significant percentage of internet users, about 40%,will wait only three seconds for a web site to load before giving up on it. And more than half, or 52%, will not consider shopping at a business that has a bad or slow-loading mobile site.

All businesses need an online presence to connect with existing and new customers. A digital marketing agency can help them to create a mobile-friendly website that will give their customers all the information they need, in an easily accessible format. Custom web design services can help businesses to negotiate the complex world of web design and digital marketing and to create an online presence that will help them connect with their audience.

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