2 New Viruses That You’ll Want to Avoid

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Network security is incredibly important to ensure that a business remains safe from outside threats. Statistics show that within one year 20% of all small businesses will have to deal with the aftermath of a hack. These hacks can deal immense amounts of damage to a business, both in regards to losing customers and revenue. With that in mind, here is more information about two new viruses you’ll want to be protected from.

2 New Viruses to Watch Out For

Many network support companies have been made aware of two new viruses to watch out. Unfortunately, this new Slingshot malware is able to infect computers with two separate but extremely dangerous programs. Statistics show that 13% of all reported data losses took place due to hackers deleting this information. Considering that, network monitoring is a must in order to remain safe from these new threats.

The Cahnadr Virus

This virus attacks what is known as the kernel code a computer. The effects of a virus affecting any kernel code is often a cause for concern. For instance, the Cahnadr virus attacks this code, allowing any attackers to gain complete access to a victim’s computer memory.


While the presence of the Cahnadr virus is bad enough, this new malware also infects computers with a program called GollumApp. Unfortunately, this program takes control of files while ensuring that malware is constantly fed into a targeted computer system. This makes it nearly impossible to remove this virus without the help of a professional IT support service.

Unfortunately, this combination of various types of viruses is hard to detect by an average user. Many professional anti virus services are warning that this virus is difficult to delete. The creators of this virus implemented features that make it harder for average programs to detect. Therefore, it’s wise to contact professionals in order to have your best chance of avoiding this virus.

To summarize, there is a new type of Slingshot malware that your business will want to watch out for. If you don’t want to deal with these new threats on your own, it’s wise to contact a network support service. You’ll find that a network support company will be able to assist your company by performing a wide range of IT services.

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