Aircraft Techs Keep Planes and Passengers Safe Around the World

Vibration analysis

The aviation maintenance industry has a vital role to play in ensuring the safety of aircraft around the world. It is, necessarily, highly regulated and standardized worldwide. It offers challenging and exiting careers, for anyone that loves and understands aircraft. Technicians are required to complete FAA-approved certifications. They work on all kinds of aircraft performing routine task routine maintenance and inspections, as well as sky condition tolerance and vibration analysis.

Airplane techs keeps flights safe
The aircraft industry worldwide depends on techs to keep planes and helicopters in top functioning condition and to carry out repairs. Their jobs are essential to ensure the safety of the thousands of people who fly every day. In the U.S. alone, there were around 224,475 active general aviation craft in 2011.
By 2015, the number of general aviation hours logged topped 24 million, with 24,142,000 flight hours to be exact. General aviation is heavily regulated by the federal government to ensure the safety of aircraft worldwide.

Becoming a tech
It’s up to the techs to keep these aircraft safe through their journeys. Besides routine maintenance and inspections, they carry out repairs, troubleshoot for problems and test equipment. This includes sky condition tolerance and vibration analysis. As of 2017, there were 131,500 aircraft techs and mechanics in the country.
Aircraft techs have to complete FAA-approved certification, with the prescribed number of classroom hours as well as hands-on training. This can include using balance equipment and vibration analyzers.

Vibration in aircraft
Troubleshooting problems reported by the flight crew is part of the job description for aircraft techs. Vibration in aircraft can be due to a number of causes, which can range from minor to serious. Minor problems could result in discomfort for crew and passengers, while major problems could affect the safety of the aircraft.
Techs use vibration analyzers and vibration balancing equipment to find the source of the problem. If ground checks fail to identify the problem, a flight check should be done.

Aircraft techs have an essential part to play in keeps planes and helicopters safe for the thousands of people who fly in them each day. Their jobs can include regular maintenance and inspections as well as troubleshooting and repairs. These can include sky condition tolerance and vibration analysis to ensure the safety of aircraft. This is an exciting career for anyone that loves aircraft and wants to work with them.

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