Hotel Property Management Software Packages Offer a Long List of Benefits

No one should follow you on Instagram.

You never post.

You have many followers, but you never share.

You admit that you are a spy. Not the kind of spy you and your husband binge watch on the Americans, although they use plenty of listening devices. You are the kind of spy that realizes it is a friend’s birthday, so you send a personal text. The kind of spy who swipes through the photos of another friend’s son’s graduation and remembers to congratulate her the next time you are together. The kind of spy who reads rants about a family member’s soon to be ex husband, and shakes your head at your lack of a filter.

And while you are comfortable calling yourself a bit of a spy, you balk at the term when your daughters use it. To them, you explain that you just like to look, not spy. Just observe, not track.
PMS Software for Hotels Helps Franchises Connect with Their Most Loyal Guests

Those same observation skills, in fact, are the very thing that businesses have to do if they want your business. These businesses, including hotels, have to notice when it is your birthday so that they can send a digital coupon for a discounted weekend away. They have to notice when you are in the area so they can invite you to the party. And we all know that every retailer, as well as hotel chains, are an expert at making it seem as if every day is a party. President’s Weekend Vacation. Mother’s Day Bed and Breakfast Packages.

With the use of the right Property Management Software (PMS), hotels do not have to resort of anything as nefarious as actual spying. They simply have to capture the digital information that indicates that a possible guest in visiting the area. When that guest checks on a reservation in an upscale restaurant in the area, for instance, PMS software for hotels can send an email indicating that there are rooms available that weekend. Likewise, when a current guest searches the internet for museum times in another city, the hotel chain can promote a property that is near that location. Trends in hospitality technology offer a number of ways of also making sure that guests are happy during their current visit so that they are more inclined to rebook on a future business.

With the use of points and reward systems, for instance, a hotel can help create customer loyalty so that these same current guests get in the habit of exclusively staying with a certain hotel chain in an effort to get more upgrades and additional benefits.

With the most advanced PMS software for hotels, owners can also make sure that there are options for employee retention to increase. A loyal staff that is recognized every time that a guest writes a good review, for instance, is more likely to remain at a job, instead of going somewhere else. Loyal staff translate into happy guests who return for more stays.

The latest research indicates that mobile searches within the travel category have increased more than 50%, so if a hotel does not capitalize on these queries they are missing out. Likewise, 74% of four travelers plan to return to a destination they have visited previously, so if your hotel is not capitalizing on this information you are missing out as well. Using the digital information that you have access to is a great business practice that lead to more bookings and more satisfied guests.

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