Technology and Complexity

In the last full century, technology has only continued to increase in complexity. Machines are now more complicated than ever before and require more complicated forms of maintenance than ever before. Computers, cars, airplanes are all located along a vast spectrum of technology and information that didn’t even exist a few decades ago, let alone a few centuries ago. For example, take the modern day car which is equipped with more sensors, cameras, light and arrays that the space shuttles were in the sixties. This is thank to the growth of both technology and innovation, both of which are themselves connected to a growing network of communication. Today we have things as advanced as the bitcoin farm and bitcoin mining, as well as the data center, the mobile data center container and other amazing innovations that are only getting more awesome with time. But the data center server, green cooling solutions and the other marvels of our technological age would not be possible without a few basic inventions that help maintain their core functions. What are these basic inventions and where did they come from? How did we get from where we were, trapped for most of human history in endless cycles of plague and famine, to a healthy and highly structured society with billions of people who specialize in billions of individual activities? The answer might surprise you.
The Beginning
The beginning of progress starts thousands of years ago when were using stone tools. No green cooling solutions yet, no easy method of transmitting, storing, or processing information. There were merely primitive writing and the word of mouth to keep people in the information loop. For most of human history, this remained unchanged and people were forced to be content with the lot they had in life. There may have been some minor variations in complexity depending on the society in question. For example, the ancient Aztecs were highly advanced mathematicians and based much of their civilization around numbers and the number theories that they developed. Still other civilizations like the ancient Greeks or the ancient Chinese were good at inventing or political theory and used these talents to their advantages. But, for the most part, societies only progressed in fits and starts, jumping forward a bit only to fall back a bit later. There was not yet the type of progress we’ve seen in the last two hundred years.
The Modern and Contemporary World
Today we have things as advanced as green cooling solutions, containerized immersion and other complicated things that keep all of our machinery in check. All of these inventions owe most of their foundation of progress to the large steam powered machines of the eighteenth century where innovation in powered machinery an labor really took off. Before that, all labor was by necessity done by animal or human power. There simply was no other option for people and so they made do with what they had. But, come the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, people began to realize the potential of what they had invented and so they did their best to capitalize on their progress. From steam engines they invented oil engines and power plants, the power plants being one of the sole specific generators of our modern world. Most people don’t realize that simply walking into a room and turning the lights on would have been unthinkable a mere one hundred and fifty years ago. Let’s take a closer look at one such invention that has changed the world for the better.
Computer Solutions
Coolant for computers might seem like a minor invention but it is most assuredly not. It is a vital necessity for computers to run but most people, for better or worse, don’t understand just how amazingly intricate the entire computing and cooling system actually is. Computers themselves are extremely intricate machines, ones that took centuries of progress to develop effectively. Cooling solutions, especially green cooling solutions, weren’t just another solution people came up with to help out with computers. Coolant is a vital and understated link in that development. It is nit only a stepping stone but a vital stepping stone in the development of technology.

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