Three Reasons to Convert Documents with an X Ray Scanning Service

If your business deals with a lot of confidential records and old files, chances are that your long term goals include digitizing a trove of microfiche, x rays, and old documents. This generally falls on the shoulders of the CIO and those in charge of records management, but just keeping track of current files is a full time job on its own. Here are three reasons to consider outsourcing your file conversion to an x ray scanning service, and how they can make your records management more efficient.

Adapting to the Needs of Your Business

Not every business has a CIO to oversee records management, but even if you do, the task of converting microfiche or scanning microfilm can be time consuming. Most CIOs don’t have the capacity to do onsite document scanning on top of their other duties. As with traditional IT services, delegating document scanning and imaging to an x ray scanning service means that the job will be in the hands of a professional whose sole objective is to do the task and do it well. Working with a third party also ensures that your CIO doesn’t need to dedicate their energies to document conversion if your organization only needs it once in a blue moon.

Advise on Digital Security

When your documents are digitized, you’ll need to make sure that they are protected. Your regular office IT may not know the specifics of protecting scanned microfilm, but an x ray scanning service will know what internet security is necessary to keep confidential documents away from prying eyes.

Best Practice Records Management

If microfiche and x rays are a regular part of your work, having a regular relationship with an x ray scanning service can streamline the process of converting documents. If you are in the process of moving to an entirely digital record system, or if you have a warehouse full of documents that need to be converted, your x ray scanning service should also be able to give you tips for managing and converting your records. Look for experts with plenty of experience in the field of record management and conversion to get advice on what will work best for your business–and what won’t.

Not all scanning services have the same level of experience, so be sure to talk to your microfiche conversion team before onboarding. Building a quality team to improve your records management process will take time, but true experts will help put structures in place to streamline your records management later on.

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