A Hand Microscope the Best Microscope App for Android

In our experience, there are many ways to understand the world that is all around us. Cameras, for instance help make a record of objects and people that we have seen. Of course, our eyes, also, are a key method of understanding the world around us.

In addition to cameras and eyesight, there is also another device which helps us see what is around us. This object was invented in 1590 and is is known as a microscope. The microscope enables us to observe things around us that are so small that human eyesight alone is not sufficient to discern them.

One of the most important uses of the microscope in the early days of its use was made by Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, a Dutch scientist, in 1683. He was actually able to use the microscope to draw bacteria, thus changing the course of human history, health care and medicine.

Today, we have improved upon the microscope and developed new technology such as a hand microscope, digital microscope and microscope cameras. Many wonder what is the best microscope app for Android. The answer would most probably be the hand microscope, and it has many uses as the best microscope app for Android. Doctors use the hand microscope in the fields of dermatology, plant studies and geology, to name a few.

Using a hand microscope, which is the best microscope app for Android, , is especially helpful when medical professionals are dealing with cells. As we know, cells are invisible to the naked eye. They were actually seen in 1665 for the first time by a natural philosopher from the United Kingdom named Robert Hooke. While he was looking at a cork under a microscope, he first discovered cells.

Some idea of the range for the number of cells in the human body go from about 75 to 100 trillion cells, according to scientists. These are virtually impossible to see, but a hand microscope, which is the best microscope app for Android, assists greatly in finding and viewing them.

Animal cells, also, are extremely difficult, if not impossible to see without a handheld microscope, inspection microscope or hand microscope. The cells range in size from 0.001 to 0.003 centimeters, but are visible with a hand microscope or digital microscope. Veterinarians find the hand microscope extremely useful in their quest for providing comprehensive medical care to animals.

To sum up, medical science has made much astonishing progress, especially in the field of microscope technology. Hand microscope techniques and microscope cameras are another fantastic, important step in the right direction. They help individuals with questionable cell diagnosis situations find the diagnosis, treatments and, hopefully most of all, the cures that they so earnestly desire.


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