Why Are So Many Social Media Campaigns Failing To Take Off?

Marketing sometimes feels like screaming into a void, doesn’t it?

After a while your voice starts to get hoarse! Instead of sucking in another metaphorical breath with the same, tired marketing strategy…try reaching out to an Internet marketing company that knows what they’re doing. You’re not a one-person show, after all, and surrendering some of the hard stuff to professionals will save you time and make you more money. Digital marketing is a complex beast, composed of algorithms, search terms, and visual style. Utilizing it on a consistent basis means coming up with a game plan you can count on.

Here are just five things an Internet marketing firm can provide your business this year…and the next!

Dust Off That Social Media Account

Not only does digital marketing feel like looking into a bottomless pit, social media feels less reliable and more like an obligation. It’s time to dust off that Facebook account or that Twitter tie-in…it might just have the extra traffic you’ve been looking for! A recent study concluded 75% of American adults use Facebook every day. Every quarter Instagram’s user account grows by 5%, to boot. Social media is a way for you to connect with customers on a more casual level, updating as you go and providing another side to your brand they might not encounter otherwise.

Get Familiar With SEO Strategies

Search engine optimization this, search engine keywords that…what’s the fuss about SEO, anyway? When you consider the search engine is among the top three most utilized Internet activities, it’s not hard to see why this is more than just a buzzword. Every single day Google receives 65,000 searches per second. Imagine all the would-be customers that get lost in the shuffle! One study asking marketers their thoughts on Internet marketing found 60% stating SEO to be the area they’re focusing on improving the most.

Optimize Your Website For Mobile Devices

What good is a website that can’t be browsed anywhere? This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s incredible how many businesses don’t have accessible sites! Browsing and shopping on-the-go is fast becoming the new standard. Optimizing your website to be mobile-friendly (meaning no broken pages or weird layouts) is how you make sure everybody is, quite literally, on the same page. It’s estimated 95% of mobile search traffic is driven by Google today, with 30% of these searches related to a specific location.

Touch Up Your Website’s Appearance

In fact…why don’t you take another look at your website while you’re at it? An Internet marketing firm won’t just give you a breakdown of the latest SEO tactic. They can also take a look at your website and determine if it needs a makeover. It takes the average person one to three seconds to form a first impression…and recent psychological studies have discovered first impressions last a lot longer than second and third ones! If your website is cluttered or outdated, your digital marketing companies will make sure it’s good to go for the rest of 2018 and onward.

Come Up With A Reliable Internet Marketing Plan

When it comes down to it? Just admitting you need help is a pretty boss thing to do. Internet marketing strategies are supposed to be a security net for you and your business at large to fall into, providing you a way of connecting with customers on a rolling basis so you’re never left to the wolves. Nearly 15 million small businesses in the United States are investing more time and money into SEO. It’s also worth noting the last two years have seen the vast majority of brands’ social media campaigns failing. There’s a lot of work to be done…

…and the sooner you start, the better!

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