Does Your Large or Small Business Have a Platform to Monitor for Network Security Problems?

We live in a complicated, digital world. As more and more companies of all size continue to move their platforms to the cloud it should come as no surprise that many are looking for tech support for small businesses and large businesses alike. From getting the help that is needed to craft a cyber security policy to making sure that a business is able to protect itself and react quickly to security threats, it is important to make sure that a business of any size is ready.

There are obviously many advantages to the digital migration that today’s businesses are making, but it is also important to know that integrating to cloud storage requires a new level of tech support for small businesses especially. Thinking that your company can monitor all of the new challenges that come with cloud migration is not realistic. In fact, many companies make contracting with an outside provider a priority as they attempt to plan for the latest digital changes in their office.

Network Security Problems Can Easily Become Emergencies If They Are Not Closely Monitored

Companies that have an escalation management plan in place can help lessen the risk they will face when a security breach takes place. In fact, with the latest data support offerings many businesses are able to know about system threats before they occur and become a big problem. Unfortunately, the latest research indicates that only 72% of informational technology service providers offered disaster recovery services in 2018. Another frightening statistic is that a mere 25% of organizations never test their current disaster recovery systems. Avoiding the planning that is necessary for a disaster can help you be prepared for the any threat that might put your system at risk. Likewise, when you contract with a proven and trusted data center you know that you will have access to an entire team of providers who can help you get the results that you need.

Given that more and more companies are working on moving their data systems to a cloud storage setting it should come as no surprise that the managed services market is expected to reach $170 billion worldwide by the year 2019.

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