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The Benefits of Using Fire Protection System Design Software

The automatic fire sprinkler design is ideal for all setups because of its automated response to fire emergencies. These systems have existed in America since 1874. Automated computer-aided (CAD) sprinkler design programs are useful tools, which can help you in creating robust and reliable fire sprinkler systems. Whether you’re designing a deluge, wet pipe, dry pipe, or pre-action sprinkler system, identifying the appropriate sprinkler design software for your fire sprinkler system is essential.

This post presents to you the benefits of using a fire system design software in creating your fire sprinkler CAD details.

The benefits of using a cad sprinkler design program

Fast Design Process

Fire sprinkler design software enables you to design your fire sprinkler system within a short time. The software can help you in creating and managing 3-dimensional piping and the insertion of hangers and joints into your design. This software improves the design accuracy of fire sprinkler systems. They also better and quicken the creation, analysis, modification, and optimization of the fire system design.

Live Calculations

With the fire suppression system design software, you don’t have to spend lots of time to perform hydraulic calculations that will reveal whether the designed system works well. Most of the software in this area offers a 3-D drawing system, which captures all elevation input in a precise and automatic way as you design your fire sprinkler system. All calculations and the necessary notations always show up on all hydraulic reports and fire sprinkler CAD details.

In essence, you can compute the fire system dynamics at any point within the whole system do determine its effectiveness.

Quick and Clean Design Output

After completing your fire sprinkler system design, you can create a fast print out of the whole plan by connecting your PC to a printer to get a hard copy of the design. It is also easy and quick to share a soft copy of your fire sprinkler system design over the internet even if your client or end-user is in another state or nation. Such fire suppression software also enables you to avoid lots of paperwork because all your designs can be done on your PC.

A Compiled Stock List as Part of the Fire Sprinkler CAD Details

Most fire sprinkler system design software has an automatic listing feature or module, which integrates with the software’s system to generate a precise stock-list. Once your design process gets completed, you can get your stock-list through a simple click of a mouse.

Auto-Design Features

The fire suppression software often has design wizards, which automate the drawing of in-rack, loop, grid, tree, and standpipe systems. The automated routine allows you to design a complete system that even includes precise sprinkler placement at all elevations.

Integrated Hydraulic Computation of the Fire Protection System DesignSoftware

Apart from auto-design features, the fire sprinkler system design software also can create a real-world working simulation of the expected functional fire suppression system. The simulation system allows you to drag your cursor over the designed system to see live calculations that show the designed system’s dynamics. The action shows how the sprinklers open, and it also shows the fluid flow statistics and numeric pressure in a graph form.

Such a capability of the software improves hydraulic analyses in automated fire sprinkler systems. The software also allows you to check the designed system in real-time. It enables you to get a clear picture of any section of the developed system, which is part of the fire sprinkler cad details.


Fire system design software is a perfect tool, which enables you to design fire sprinkler systems quickly and reliably. This software provides accurate fire sprinkler cad details, calculations, and simulations. All these details reveal how your complete automated fire suppression system will work once implemented. The software makes design work easy, and it also cuts down the costs of printing out hard copies of your plans.

Get yourself some fire sprinkler system design software today and avoid the hassle of making your plans on paper.

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