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The Role of Cold Chain Logistics in the Pharmaceutical Industry

According to recent data, worldwide pharmaceutical revenues exceeded $1 trillion in 2014 — a first for the industry. Given that people are living longer, it’s no surprise that society’s reliance on superior medication continues to grow. And in order to provide high-quality pharmaceutical products, it’s essential for manufacturers, suppliers, and transporters to offer reassurance that these medications can be safely and effectively used by consumers.

To deliver on those promises, pharmaceutical storage conditions and delivery methods need to be both compliant and cutting-edge. In many cases, this comes down to temperature control. A process known as cold or cool chain delivery can allow those entities responsible for creating, shipping, delivering, and storing these pharmaceutical products to meet industry standards and safeguard these medications from corruption. In today’s post, we’ll discuss what’s involved in this process, why it’s so important, and what kinds of changes are continuing to impact these necessary techniques.

What Does Cold Chain Mean?

When products are created and distributed, the supply chain needs to be tracked in order to ensure the product is safe and complies with all necessary regulations. Cold chain refers to a specific type of temperature controlled supply chain, wherein the production, storage, and distribution of pharmaceuticals (and other products, in some cases) all share uninterrupted methods of refrigeration within a designated range. When these kinds of pharmaceutical cold storage and shipping techniques are used, it means that the product will always stay within a very specific temperature spectrum, assuring the quality and freshness of that item.

Why is Cold Chain Delivery Important?

In the pharmaceutical industry, cold shipping solutions and storage options are crucial across the board. In fact, seven out of 10 leading pharmaceutical products require temperature controlled transportation in order to ensure quality and safety. Although not every pharmaceutical product needs to be kept in a temperature controlled environment, the products that do require these techniques are typically quite perishable. In some cases, only a slight temperature difference can completely ruin the product and jeopardize patient safety or overall experience. In order to protect the public and their brand, pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors must know for a fact that their products are being safeguarded from potential harm.

How is This Supply Chain Evolving?

Although maintaining pharmaceutical cold storage and transportation conditions might seem fairly straightforward, those operating within this industry often face a number of challenges. As time goes on, many of these pharmaceutical products are becoming more sensitive to environmental factors, as well as more customized for patient treatments. Because these products may contain high-value active ingredients with more limited shelf lives, they also come with more rigid temperature regulations. What’s more, many of these products are geared towards patients with rarer health conditions, meaning that the transportation and storage volumes required may not be as high. And because governmental regulations pertaining to pharmaceutical supply chains continue to increase, manufacturers and distributors must take a more active role in this process from start to finish for the sake of compliance. This means that pharmaceutical companies can’t lag behind in embracing cold chain logistics, regardless of their niche or product types.


The Importance of Digital Analytics in Understanding Your Digital Marketing Campaign

Digital marketing encompasses the use of various digital technologies such as the internet and mobile telephony to market your business on digital platforms. Websites are at the core of digital marketing campaigns and they act as storefronts for all your prospective online clients. Well-designed and maintained sites that use various online marketing strategies such as SEO and SEM can help your business to increase sales. But setting up a site blindly without monitoring its progress as a digital marketing platform is useless because you’ll be unable to determine its ROI.

For instance, you should be able to know who visits your site and how do they link to it. You should also be able to determine their search history, search words, interests, and even their experience while on your site. Such information helps you to determine the visitors that are highly likely to become prospective clients. Notably, not all visitors who visit your site can become probable future clients.

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The Process of Designing and Creating a PCB

Printed circuit boards, or PCBs, are an important part of any electronic device that requires computing power. There is no doubt that computers of all types are quite common in today’s wired world, and they appear in places where some Americans might not even expect them. A laptop of a desktop PC is certainly a computer, but computers can also be found in calculators, video game consoles, and even in car parts, and more. These powerful computers require printed circuit boards to operate, and thus, there is a massive demand for PCB assembly and supply. PCB manufacturing today in the developed world is robust, and a PCB assembly plant may get a lot of orders. Circuit board assembly is tricky work, but with the assistance of automated lines and specialized software, PCB design and PCB assembly is very much possible to keep up with demand. How3 are these wondrous devices created, and what sort of variety might they come in?

Designs and PCB Assembly

Creating a computer, car, o

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Deburring Machines and Other Vibratory Finishing Equipment Used Within the Manufacturing Industry

When it comes to the global manufacturing industry, the United States produces more goods than any other country. In addition to the domestic distribution of these goods, a substantial amount are exported abroad. Given this, there are continued opportunities for employment within the manufacturing industry. Furthermore, there is an increased demand for skilled workers to fill existing positions.

A Brief Overview of the United States’ Manufacturing Industry

Recent figures indicate that the United States is responsible for producing 18.2% of the total amount of goods produced throughout the world. The Bureau of Economic Analysis also reported that 50% of the country’s exports consist of manufactured goods. In 2018 alone, for example, the revenue from the manufacturing industry was $2.33 trillion.

A Brief Overview of Manufacturing Jobs

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that there are 12.75 million jobs within the manufacturing industry. When taking the

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Thinking About Making the Switch to VPS Hosting? Read This First

If you’re looking at hosting options for your business, there are a staggering number of options to choose from, with even further options to customize from there. When you’re looking for options, it can help to know the difference between all your different hosting methods and the different advantages they can have for your business. Today, we’ll be focusing on VPS hosting, specifically a Windows server, how it differs from shared or dedicated hosting, and what advantages it may have.

What is VPS Hosting?

With VPS hosting, the entire point is to host virtually. With VPS hosting, you choose an operating system (Windows or Linux) you’d like to run, and then one physical piece of hardware will function as multiple servers. While your team may be sharing the physical server, the virtual server is private to each user, meaning that CPU, RAM, or other data does not have to be shared.

How Does VPS Hosting Differ From Other Server Types?

In trying t

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Finding Good Web Hosting

What a challenge it can be to find a quality web hosting provider that has all the features you need without the huge overhead. Our site brings you hosting news as well as, weather and financial information.

Choose Your Web Host


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