Deburring Machines and Other Vibratory Finishing Equipment Used Within the Manufacturing Industry

Metal fabrication requires burnishing and deburring sheet metal parts to make them safe for handling. When people handle the raw products, their hands and fingers need to be safe from potential cuts and lacerations that might cause partial disabilities. Machinery also needs protection from excessive metal shavings.

Current deburring methods now use vibrating and rotating tools to deliver abrasive surfaces to the metal parts. Those parts often have metal burrs and other imperfections that could injure people and might get in the way of manufacturing processes. The burrs and other imperfections could damage automated equipment and slow down or halt the entire production process.

Automated deburring tool use can help to remove many of the imperfections that wind up leaving annoying metal burrs and bits exposed. Handheld tools also can take care of many metal shavings and similar issues that you want to remove with a grinder or other tool. When the imperfection is located inside drilled or cut hole, a deburring tool can smooth out that hole. That will make it better for any soft parts that might pass through and help to ensure any long bolts or other items that go inside will fit properly.

When it comes to the global manufacturing industry, the United States produces more goods than any other country. In addition to the domestic distribution of these goods, a substantial amount is exported abroad. Given this, there are continued opportunities for employment within the manufacturing industry. Furthermore, there is an increased demand for skilled workers to fill existing positions.

A Brief Overview of the United States’ Manufacturing Industry

Recent figures indicate that the United States is responsible for producing 18.2% of the total amount of goods produced throughout the world. The Bureau of Economic Analysis also reported that 50% of the country’s exports consist of manufactured goods. In 2018 alone, for example, the revenue from the manufacturing industry was $2.33 trillion.

A Brief Overview of Manufacturing Jobs

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that there are 12.75 million jobs within the manufacturing industry. When taking the total number of people within the workforce into consideration, this industry employs 8.5%. Reports also indicate that employees within this industry earn 12% more than other types of jobs. One of the reasons for this is the level of skill that is required to perform a variety of tasks.

It’s important to note that there are a considerable number of manufacturing jobs that have not been filled. According to a 2018 Deloitte Institute report, 89% of manufacturing companies haven’t filled a variety of positions due to a lack of qualified applicants. Given this situation, predictions indicate that there will likely be 2.4 million positions that will remain vacant between 2018 to 2028. If this lack of skilled labor continues, the manufacturing industry could experience losses of $454 billion in 2028.

Contact a Representative to Learn More About Deburring Machines

Since you’re in the manufacturing business, it’s important to have the right type of equipment to complete your products. In addition to deburring machines, you may need other types of vibratory finishing equipment such as metal polishing equipment. Once you speak with a representative, you’ll be able to discuss your project and product specifications so that you can obtain the equipment you need to create optimum products.

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