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Printed Circuit Boards Their History and Their Future

Printed circuit boards are the backbone of almost any electrical component, computer device, and even many industrial machines. A printed circuit board is simply a group of circuits laid in a particular pattern onto a conducting material. Contact fingers switch individual contacts on and off, and these circuit boards and their contacts are used in everything from the computer mouse to the most sophisticated missile guidance systems. Here’s where they came from and how they are made.

Where Did the Idea Come From?

It might surprise you to know that the very first circuit boards were actually developed in the mid-19th century. At the time, metal rods would be mounted onto a wooden base and then used to connect electrical components. Over time, these rods were replaced with smaller and smaller types of wire and terminals made from screws. PCB assembly methods eventually began using metal instead of wooden bases. The problem with these designs was size: PCB fabrication took too long

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Three Reasons to Convert Documents with an X Ray Scanning Service

If your business deals with a lot of confidential records and old files, chances are that your long term goals include digitizing a trove of microfiche, x rays, and old documents. This generally falls on the shoulders of the CIO and those in charge of records management, but just keeping track of current files is a full time job on its own. Here are three reasons to consider outsourcing your file conversion to an x ray scanning service, and how they can make your records management more efficient.

Adapting to the Needs of Your Business

Not every business has a CIO to oversee records management, but even if you do, the task of converting microfiche or scanning microfilm can be time consuming. Most CIOs don’t have the capacity to do onsite document scanning on top of their other duties. As with traditional IT services, delegating document scanning and imaging to an x ray scanning service means that the job will be in the hands of a professional whose sole objective is to

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Why Small Businesses Are Choosing Managed IT Support and Services

As technology continues to change at a breakneck pace, it can be difficult for small businesses to keep track of new features that may be essential to their survival and success. Many business owners are discovering the advantages of managed IT support, where all networking, security, and other online services are handled by a specialist firm. IT support and services can include everything from network consulting to SEO and website design. By handing off IT services to a specialist firm, businesses can focus instead on their core competencies, building their brand and revenues.

Why use IT support and services?
As new technology continues to evolve rapidly, it can be difficult for small businesses to keep up with the changes. These can range from greater online security to protect business and customer data to network consulting for maximum efficiency and speed. Few s

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Finding Good Web Hosting

What a challenge it can be to find a quality web hosting provider that has all the features you need without the huge overhead. Our site brings you hosting news as well as, weather and financial information.

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