What You Should Know About Dark Fiber Services

As seen in the video ” Why Dark Fiber?” a dark fiber network is a network consisting of fiber optic cables. It can carry internet traffic without needing a traditional central hub or switch. Dark fiber services allow high-speed Internet access when more bandwidth is necessary. These services are especially beneficial in businesses, schools, or offices.

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Multiple Internet providers offer dark fiber services as an alternative to traditional broadband services. Dark fiber services are ideal for temporary or permanent locations where the terrain or geographical location impedes cable or DSL service. They do not require a conventional connection to the Internet.

One of the most significant advantages of dark fiber services is that they offer speeds that match those of non-fiber optic networks. Fiber optic networks can add bandwidth at any time. Dark fiber networks are more permanent. Deploying a dark fiber network is also easy. It even allows you to use existing copper-based cables for troubleshooting purposes.

Dark fiber is gaining popularity with larger companies in need of greater bandwidth. The amount of bandwidth is dependent on the provider and the network. Dark fiber services and networks are more accessible than traditional cable or DSL services. You can access many companies from the exact physical location. Fiber networks also require less maintenance.


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