Secure Hosting and Outsourcing

Business owners have two options when setting up a digital environment: secure hosting, which they build, or outsourcing server hosting. They are torn between both options, wondering which is better for them. According to the narrator in the video company, IT departments spend between 70% and 80% maintaining IT systems such as servers.

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Also, setting up a secure hosting environment isn’t cheap, which is why outsourcing server hosting is the best option. So, what else makes outsourcing the better option?

Digital Transformation

The IT landscape is constantly changing, which means that when it does, businesses are forced to invest in new technology while still supporting old technology. This costs the business money, which they can save by outsourcing server hosting.

Skilled Employees

A secure hosting environment requires skilled employees to maintain. Training existing employees is a hassle because they need to be retrained now and then, and hiring skilled ones isn’t cheap either.

Strong SLAs

Outsourcing server hosting gives businesses strong SLAs (service level agreements). What does this mean? It means their data is hosted in a very secure environment with little or no downtime and rapid emergency response to correct any problems.


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