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Protecting the assets of a business is a vital part of ensuring its success. Those personnel of the management team are often aware of sensitive information that could be detrimental if it falls into the wrong hands. It is also likely management has the authorization to visit various websites in an official capacity and the information that is exchanged on those websites could be used against the business by competitors.

Management privacy is a concept that must be embraced by all businesses. When members of the management team go online without being protected, a host of information is available to almost anyone who is online. This includes sensitive information that a business is not likely to want their competitors to know about.

Financial information, banking transactions, order processing and the like are all examples of the types of information that could easily fall into the wrong hands if the business does not take the appropriate steps to ensure management privacy. Indeed, by browsing online without a system for management privacy in place, it is almost like an open invitation to anyone, include competitors, to track the whereabouts and browsing habits of a business. This can lead to undesirable consequences such as the competition knowing the private financial information about a business or knowing about a new product before the business announces it.

Blocking the web address of the company is an easy and effective way to ensure management privacy is intact when personnel are online. By blocking the web address, any information that is sent over the Internet is scrambled in such a way that makes it impossible for other people to decipher it. This same technique works to also works to hide the footprint that is left by management when they visit various places online. It gives management privacy so they can do their jobs without fearing that certain private information will fall into the wrong hands.

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