What to look for in iphone screen protector

Best iphone screen protector

For a lot of people, their iphone is more than a cellular phone. In functionality it is highly customizable to meet the different needs of the user. But more than that, it is an experience. Only very few products have provided more personal experience than an iphone. This is the reason why even when it comes to iphone screen protector there are so many options available. There are matte, filtered and other variations of a simple clear protector. However, as there are so many iphone screen protectors available in the market today, it is really very difficult to find the best one among them. For those who really want to find the best iphone screen protector, here are some tips what one should look for in an iphone screen protector.

Since an iphone screen protector is really for protecting the screen, the most important consideration is its protective capabilities. In this, one should look at the details or the materials. Some protectors are made from high quality materials that are really durable. Some are really scratch and shock resistant. One should therefore read the fine prints and check out the materials and the features. One sign of the durability of the iphone screen protector is the warranty. Some offer longer warranty than others. Those that do not offer warranty are really nothing more than thick plastic and cannot offer much protection.

Another thing to consider in finding the best iphone screen protector is the way it looks once it is on the phone. Some iphone protectors are really hard to apply on the phone because of the bubbles and the dust. This really makes the iphone looks dirty. However, there are iphone protectors that do not make bubbles and do not attract dust. They are also easy to apply and remove. They may cost more but they also last long since they also do not peel off on the edges unlike the ones that have bubbles and dust.

Lastly, there are other features that are worth considering. For example, is anti glare. For some people who are bothered by it, this really a good feature. Another feature is smudge resistant. Although this is quite common among high end iphone screen protectors, it is best to check out the details just to make sure this feature is included. Since there are many different types of iphone screen protectors, one can really find good ones in the market today. However, there are also those that are nothing more than thick plastics. It is best therefore to buy from iphone accessory stores that offer wide range of products, such as the coolest cases in the market today for iphones, ear phones and ear buds for ipods and iphones and even chargers. The more products they carry, the easier it is to find the best screen protector.

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