What is Drupal, and Why Are More People Using Drupal Design for Their Websites?

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One of the most important parts about building a successful web presence is your website’s design. Consider, according to KissMetrics, 73% of mobile users, the fastest growing eCommerce market, have experienced a website that makes it too difficult for them to shop on an eCommerce website. Websites that make it too difficult to share content on social media websites, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, or otherwise, risk losing access to more than two billion active social media users, as estimated by Statistic Brain.

If you’ve been looking for a way to improve your website design and improve your web marketing, you’ve no doubt seen Drupal design pop-up multiple times on Google and throughout web forums. The Drupal content management system, used by well-known businesses, like Popular Science Magazine, Toyota, and others, is undoubtedly the best way to build a website that will attract more traffic and more revenue.

What is the Drupal Content Management System?
According to Drupal.org, Drupal is an open-source website development and content delivery system. Drupal developers can not only use the system to create aesthetically pleasing websites and write high-quality content, they can also use it to publish that content around the web, easily improving clients’ web marketing. Now used by more than 630,000 developers, Drupal has grown into one of the most popular delivery systems in the world.

Why Are So Many Companies Turning to Drupal Designers?

  • It’s Completely Free to Use
  • Drupal is completely free to use, whether you’re a popular Drupal design company or a hobbyist looking to learn something new. Unlike other popular CMS that claim they’re free, like WordPress, Drupal has no so-called “premium features” that require a $13 to $290 per year usage fee. This translates to a more accessible system for Drupal developers and lower development costs for their clients.

  • A Lively Development Community Shortens Drupal Design Time
  • According to Marketing Tech Blog, Drupal designers have built thousands of Drupal custom modules to add SEO benefits, improved design ability, and much more to the Drupal CMS. Not only are these extra tools free, but they keep Drupal designers from having to build custom functionality from the ground up, saving developers and their clients a lot of time during the development phase.

  • It’s a CMS Built for Developers
  • One of the main reasons that Drupal has become so popular among developers is because the system was built for web developers. As Computer World points out, this means that many amateur web designers will find the CMS too difficult to use. However, by building a system that is meant for professional Drupal designers, Drupal’s developers have given designers powerful tools to build high-quality, effective marketing websites.

Drupal has rapidly become one of the hottest content management systems for businesses looking for a smart web design option. This free system reduces costs and development time for Drupal designers and gives them a specialized tool for great web design. In turn, that means their clients get a better website for a lower cost. Check out this website for more: www.drupalgeeks.org

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