When to Listen to Your SEO Provider, and When to Question Them

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Believe it or not, the amount of businesses in need of cheap SEO services is incredibly high, because any company that hopes to make money through its website requires search engine marketing services. By outsourcing SEO services, companies are able to increase their revenue, improve brand awareness, and expand their base of clients.

However, when you hear something that’s too good to be true, it almost always is. This is especially true when you outsource SEO. Many companies have risen to answer this demand, but are often shams. Online marketing companies that outsource SEO might try to sell you the world, only to give you services that result in a penalty. Of course, this isn’t always true. If you outsource SEO, you have to walk a fine line between heeding your provider’s advice, and questioning it. For those of you who outsource SEO, here’s a few tips to help you out.

Times to Listen.

As much as you’d like them to, an online marketing company can’t get your website’s search engine ranking to rocket up to the first position in a week. The only placement guarantee that can be made is with an ad or PPC campaign, which is completely different than an organic result. Good SEO takes time, and diligence. If you outsource SEO, and your provider can’t promise you the results you hope for in a specific time frame, they’re being honest with you, which is good. However, they should then set goals, and work with you on a plan to achieve that long term goal.

You should also listen when they say that you need help with your on-site optimization, because it’s just as important as your links. It’s no use linking to a page that has no quality content on it, or if it’s not optimized for the link either.

Times to Question.

Things like auto-generated content, or link building via blog commenting and forum posting are both red flags. These are signs of shoddy, lazy work that search engines have since learned to watch out for and can result in a penalty. These simply aren’t worth your time and money, and you’d be better off finding a new marketing company to outsource SEO to.

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