The Four Web Design Trends Your Website Should Follow in 2014

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Great web design remains at the center of smart online marketing in 2014. As Forbes writes, high quality web design has the potential to improve the way your visitors see everything on your page. With modern, aesthetically vibrant design, good blog posts become great and middle of the road copy becomes memorable. In other words, your web design is the lens through which your visitors see your online presence.

As is the case with developing a social media strategy and writing SEO content, what a web designer needs to do to keep a page fresh, interesting, and, most importantly, profitable continues to change as time goes on. Your company needs to evolve its design to stay ahead of the times if it wants to continue to generate traffic and put coin into the coffers.

2014’s Hottest Web Design Trends

  1. Simple Portfolios with Personal Portraits
  2. Within our list of trends, you’ll notice an overall theme. By and large, web design is becoming visually heavy. One of the most popular web design trends at the moment, according to Hong Kiat, is building simple portfolio-style websites with personal portraits of the owners. It’s proving extremely effective as consumers like when they can make a human connection with a business.

  3. Cinematic, Engaging Web Design
  4. For Forbes, few web design trends mark a departure from old design like the move towards visual storytelling. As the source writes, this cinematic method of web development and design gives visitors an extremely engaging way to learn all they need to know about your company as they scroll down your page. While this style of website design is undoubtedly a lot of work, it can really pay off in the long run.

  5. The Return of Typography
  6. Just as images, video, and a beautifully designed webpage can make a lasting impression on your website’s visitors, so, too, can the type of font you use make your website more memorable. As 99designs, a well-known website design blog, points out, many companies are paying big money for designers to craft interesting fonts that are as far away from Times New Roman, Helvetica, and Arial as possible.

  7. R.I.P. Mobile Web
  8. The biggest trend of 2014 is, perhaps, the death of the mobile web and the move towards responsive, or adaptive, design. Before responsive web design came along, you had to build a separate website that worked exclusively on mobile platforms. These days, responsive design is not only more cost effective, it also produces higher quality websites. Rest in peace, mobile web.

Bringing your website in line with the latest website design trends is going to take some hard work. However, as you start to see greater traffic and improved lead conversion, you’ll realize it was all worth it. Continue your research here:

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