Direct Mail Marketing Has Not Gone the Way of the Dinos — Three Ways to Make a Successful Mailer

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Though many people think that email and social media have slain the strategy of using custom label printing to personally address potential customers through the mail, the art of direct mail marketing has not yet gone the way of the dinosaurs. Why, $47.8 billion was spent on direct mail marketing in 2011. In fact, digital printing companies expect to see spending on direct mail marketing rise by 3.6% through this year.

The reason so many companies still use custom printing services in the Internet age is — to put it simply — because direct mail marketing still works. Believe it or not, 6.5 out of 10 people who receive direct mailers will purchase a product from the sender, or at least engage with the business.

You just have to be strategic. Here are a few tips to help you order the perfect mailers from custom printing services.

Shape and Size.

Getting the shape and size of your mailers is important, since 94% of customers will judge your company based simply off of your direct mailers’ appearance. Since most mailers use standard sizes, using odd formats can have a higher impact and create more interest. Custom printing services have tons of options to choose from, so get creative.

Design and Color.

Once they’ve noticed your uniquely shaped mailer, the customer will make a judgement in just 90 seconds, which means you have a minute and a half to make the right impression. Custom printing services have tons of colors that can help. Green conveys safety and wealth; yellow conveys support; blue conveys trust and productivity; and red conveys life and warning.


Believe it or not, custom printing services have design options that can make your mailers more interactive. Using custom printing services’ special varnishes, foil blocking, and tabbing can incorporate different textures to make mailers more interesting.

Just ask any digital printing company, and they’ll tell you without any doubt that direct mail marketing leads to direct profits. The key is to be strategic. If you have any questions about how a print company can help you increase your sales, feel free to ask in the comments. Learn more at this link:

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