It’s Not You, It’s Your Website Three Signs Your Business’s Website Could Use an Affordable Design Makeover

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Is your business’s website outdated? Have you had other people comment about how ugly it looks? Did you get laughed at when you told someone your website still uses frames? Chances are your business is in desperate need of a web makeover, and fortunately for you, there is help. There are many companies all over the world that offer website design and hosting, and for many businesses, affordable website design services are within reach. Today’s web design will make your webpage look clean, well-organized, and impressive. This will not only impress customers but also help your website rank higher in search engines — a process known as search engine optimization.

How can you tell you need to contact a design service about affordable website design? Here are some signs you may need help:

    1. Your website looks awful on a smartphone or tablet. Much of today’s web traffic comes from mobile devices. Given how many people use them for internet searches when they’re on the go, having a mobile-friendly web page is a necessity these days. You may opt for a complete redesign of the entire site, or you could have a developer create a mobile webpage for you, too. Having a site that works across all devices shows how seriously you take your business.

    2. Your webpage is cluttered. Did you know that users form first impressions of websites within a mere few seconds? Sometimes it can take as little as six seconds to decide whether or not you will use a website, just based on its design. A cluttered, busy, or confusing webpage can cause consumers to click the X or red bubble in the top corner faster than you can say “I just lost a customer.” If your web design could use some spring cleaning, hand it over to a business website design expert.

    3. Your website doesn’t rank in a Google search. While services like pay per click marketing and other digital marketing strategies can draw in come customers, know this one fact: Google actually punishes websites (ranking-wise) if they don’t appear aesthetically pleasing. Web design can be a serious detriment to your business if it’s not done correctly.

Have more questions on web design? Talk to an internet marketing company about your most affordable website design options. Be sure to get a look at their portfolio, too, so you’ll know the type of website you’ll be getting. If you’ve recently had a “web makeover” or are thinking about getting one, tell us about it in the comments. Visit here for more information.

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