Why is Losing the TV Remote So Absolutely Frustrating?

Tv remote controls

TV remote controls have a way of sneakily disappearing every chance they get. If you’re a particularly forgetful person, this can literally become a weekly event (even though it’s totally not your fault). Few things in this world can compare to the absolute frustration of losing a TV remote, but what makes it so aggravating in the first place?

  • First of all, many newer electronics don’t have physical buttons on the actual device if they also come with a remote. Too many people have spent an embarrassingly long time looking for the power button on your TV, wondering Am I really so old that I can’t see the buttons anymore? just to find out that there actually aren’t buttons at all. And this isn’t so bad… as long as you have the remote on hand.

  • One too many TV watchers have been sucked into buying a fancy new universal remote control, because it’s the “revolutionary solution for organizing all of your original TV remotes!” Because guess what? It’s not. It is NOT a solution. Universal TV remote controls are like buying a box of mysteries, because you never really know if the new remote will be able to handle all of the functions that the original TV remotes could. Even something as simple as changing the volume could become impossible. So instead, you’re left with even MORE TV remote controls.

  • Somehow, television remote controls only get lost in the worst places. It’s in your hands when you’re grabbing something from the freezer, and it somehow ends up in the freezer. It falls on the floor when no one’s looking, and the dog uses it as a new play toy to throw in the toilet bowl. It slips underneath the couch cushions and magically attracts every crumb within a 20 foot radius, rendering every button except the most useless ones permanently stuck. Losing your television remote controls isn’t a laughing matter. There is no such thing as casually finding them in the exact spot you last left them.

If you decide to weather the storm and keep looking for your remotes/ fight with them to assert your dominance — more power to you. But for everyone else, an easier solution may be to just buy replacement remote controls whenever you lose them. It’s not a proactive solution to the problem, but it certainly keeps your sanity intact.
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