The Most Bizarre Products From The International Consumer Electronics Show

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Electronic manufacturing companies are getting increasingly creative, and electronics contract manufacturers come together from all over the world once a year to showcase just how innovative and weird things can get. Entrepreneurs and business owners showed off some pretty strange gadgets at the 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Here are some of the items you may have to see to believe.

Shock Yourself Into Better Posture… Literally

“The tiny device clips underneath a collar, undershirt or bra strap, detects the beginnings of a slouch and then vibrates to remind the wearer to stand up straight,” according to The Mother Nature Network. There is some confusion, however, about whether the collar may also emit a small shock or zap if you begin to slouch in your chair. This one won’t be on the market for a few months yet. The electronic contract manufacturing companies are seeking crowd funding. When it is available, the manufacturers plan to sell them for $59 to $70 a piece.

Mom’s Always Watching

“With eyes that glow and a body that looks like a cross between a bowling pin and a Russian doll, Mother is a gadget that wirelessly receives data from sensors called Motion Cookies that you can place on drawers, coffee machines, keys, pill bottles, doors and even toothbrushes to track activity in your home,” MNN continues. The small, somewhat creepy device tracks eating habits, hygiene, fitness, and controls home security systems.

Do You Deserve Golden Ear Buds?

It’s always a pain when ear buds seems irrevocably tangled — no matter what you do. There is a better — or at least a vastly more expensive — way. Some electronic contract manufacturing services are producing golden ear buds. The headphones do not bend, curl, or tangle like normal headphones.

Electronic manufacturing companies are showing off — and sometimes even getting truly bizarre. Thanks to technology advances, a small robot named Mom can monitor just about everything you do, and you can train yourself to sit upright the old-fashioned way (with good ol’ shock therapy).

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